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Phone: +92-42-35411828, +92-42-35425224 Mobile: +92-300-9477075, +92-321-9477075            GOOD NEWS: Hakeem Mubashir Ahmad Basara sahib is now a days in UK. For Free Consultancy, You may contact at: London Office: Al-Shifa Shahi Dawakhana 117A-Ilford Lane Ilford ESSEX LONDON IGI 2RN (07539520625) ,Birmingham Office: 405 A-Stratford Road, Sparkhill Birmingham B11 4JZ (07448607987), Norway 0047-40064983

General Diseases:

Sugar (Diabetes) Liver Problems Urinary Problems Joints pains
Piles Skin Irritation(Itch) Enhance memory Respiratory problems

Sugar (Diabetes)
  Our Herbal Sugar Course is one of the best treatment in market. Use it with full confidence. Sugar is the common disease and causing such deadly disease which cause the complications. This medicine is the result of consistent research & development and is widely used for best results. This medicine is long lasting effects. This is not only rectify the functioning of pancreas but also keep the sugar balance for healthy life.
Liver Problems
  Liver is a very important and the largest organ of the body. Life is impossible without it. Liver plays a vital role in regulating the blood glucose level. Liver neutralized many poisonous substances, Liver also neutralizes the harmful effects of many medicines. It produces a protein called albumin which keeps the fluid portion of blood within the blood vessels. Liver also plays a vital role in the clotting of the blood. Liver diseases are most prominent today.

Alshifa Shahi Unani Dawakhana presents AAB SHAHI, the most effective remedy for all liver related disease. This also enhance the appetite and accelerate the production of blood. AAB SHAHI, has proved its worth. It is suitable for all ages and equally effective for all type of general weakness. This has also proved worthy for sugar blood pressure and heart disease.

FISHAR-UD-DAM is the wonderful medicine for controlling liver irregularities and malfunctioning. After having control it directly regulate the low and high blood pressure.
Urinary Problems:
  Kidneys are two large organs located on either side of your spine. Healthy kidneys remove wastes from the blood via the urine and return the clean blood back to the body. The kidneys also regulate the level of water and different minerals needed by the body for the good health, and they produce hormones that control other body functions. They regulate the production of red blood cells to avoid anemia and form active vitamin D necessary for normal bone formation. Many other organs depend on the kidneys in order to work properly. This means that the consequences of kidney disease can affect the whole body, but we have the solution.

Alshifa Shahi Unani Dawakhana has prepared KASRAT-UL-BOL. This medicine regulate the urine i.e. it control the excessive urine and it is the best treatment to cure the diseases related with excessive urine.
Joints pains
  The joint pain make the life difficult and person feel very move and the life comes in large trouble. We first diagnose the cause of pain and also find the reason for this pain. The complete treatment provide relief to patients. If you are disappointed from all over, please come us.

Alshifa Shahi Unani Dawakhana has prepared WAJA-UL-MAFASIL. This medicine is the complete solution of joint pain, backache, arthritis. We find the reason of pain and then go for treatment but our WAJA-UL-MAFASIL has shown the wonderful results.

Another medicine based on research proved best for joint pain patients. SHAHI CAPSULES this medicine not only proved to be the best to cure the joint pain but also cure the backache, muscular weakness, muscular pain and joint swelling. It is 100% safe and no side effect reported yet.
  Piles is such dangerous disease that it not only causes lot of trouble physically but finish the social life of a person. Many time person has to face such embarrassing situation that lower its moral. This situation is intensified by its physical effect on body and with lot of pain.

Alshifa Shahi Unani Dawakhana has prepared HERBAL BAWASEER COURSE this is wonderful medicine to eliminate the old and chronic piles. This medicine also showed best result for anal infection and wounds and inflammations this also prevents the intensity accumulation to prevent piles.
Skin Irritation(Itch problems):
  Itch is an uncomfortable feeling on the skin. This force to rub or scratch it. This make a person embarrassed while in social gathering or at public place. There is so many reasons which enhance the intensity in different situation.

Alshifa Shahi Unani Dawakhana has prepared HERBAL MUSAFFEEN COURSE. This medicine cleans blood and eliminate the allergy. With the use of this course you feel relief on skin and get rid of itch. The vital and rare ingredients are the basis for its effectiveness. It is 100% safe.
Respiratory problems:
  The throat is a ring-like muscular tube that acts as the passageway for air, food , and liquids, throat is linked with lungs. The diseases related with throat and lungs common. The cause is pollution and use of harm full food. The other major cause is the allergy.

Alshifa Shahi Unani Dawakhana has prepared TERYAQ-E-NAZLA COURSE. This medicine is the complete solution of cough, running nasal, throat infection, lungs swelling, etc. this medicine makes your internal system so strong that after one course your immunity protect you from next attack. However this also depends upon the intensity of attack and infection.
Enhance Memory:
  Memory helps you to remember the has events passed in life. It plays a key role to cross the barriers in your career. The better memory give you success in all fields. But in old age memory level comes down. The eyes becomes weak. This can happen in all ages.

Alshifa Shahi Unani Dawakhana has prepared HERBAL DEMAGHEEN COURSE. This medicine gives strength to brain and enhance memory remarkable. It makes your eye sight strong, and give tremendous power to brain and memory. This is the best gift for the people who do the table work.

These all medicine are made under strong supervision and do not have side effects. But it is advised patients to visit us before start of any medicine. If they can not visit even this is directed to get advice through e mail, by post or even on telephone. Because some time the combination of medicine is necessary. Allah give you the complete relief.
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